Christopher Brown, ND 3828
Naturopathic Medicine
Christopher Brown, ND
Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Chris Brown, ND
Integrative medicine is a relatively new idea combining both conventional with naturopathic practice. Naturopathic doctor’s primary service is health optimization which makes our work incredibly complementary to conventional care. All services offered through a naturopathic practice are meant to enhance and guide the patient experience by combining the best medical advice and guidelines with naturopathic training and principles for achieving the best, most optimal health.
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Service List
Physical Therapy
Herbal Medicine
Nutritional, Dietary and Lifestyle Counselling
Private Booking Events
Narrow Band UVB Light Therapy
Community Acupuncture

About Dr. Chris Brown, ND
Dedicated to the precept of providing excellence through service. As a naturopathic doctor and someone who is deeply involved in the community I strongly commit myself to the engagement and betterment of others through action. I thoroughly enjoy helping others and find reward in creative throught and community engagement.